Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Guilty as charged!

1. If I could have ice cream for breakfast every day, I would.

2. When my hubby isn't home for dinner I don't make vegetables.

3. My kids fend for themselves for breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner.

4. Bruce stays in a diaper until it is about to fall off from being so full.

5. I bribe my kids $1 to hang up my clothes for me because I hate to do it.

6. I try to find a reason to ditch church, so if Bruce has the sniffles...I volunteer to stay home!

7. I am a TV junkie.

8. I throw away my kids skid mark underwear instead of washing it.

9. I can't walk into Target without buying something really cute.

10. I don't put on makeup unless I am driving the car. Don't worry, I am a good driver!

You know whats next... It's your turn!


Sherilyn said...

LOL!! on so many of them. I am a TV junkie too except for there's nothing on right now. I hate summertime TV!! It's nice to hear other mom's aren't perfect. Is it bad that I take Mikell to the grocery store with a big rat's nest in the back of her hair?

Rachael said...

I LOVE this!!!!

Grant and Stacy said...

Um, so what were you confessing to? That all seemed normal!

Puphigirl said...

I too am a tv junkie. Have been all my life. There are some shows that debut for the summer, so new shows don't have to end in the spring. Check out TNT and USA.